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Journal Papers

1. Xinjian Chen, Lingjiao Pan. A Survey of Graph Cuts/Graph Search based Medical Image Segmentation. 2018: IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering. [PDF]

2. Kai Yu#,Fei Shi#,Enting Gao,Weifang Zhu,Haoyu Chen, Xinjian Chen*. Shared-Hole Graph Search with Adaptive Constraints for 3D Optic Nerve Head Optical Coherence Tomography Image Segmentation.Biomedical Optics Express.DOI:10.1364/BOE.9.000962. pp. 962-983.[PDF]

3. Baoqing Nie, Ting Yao, Yiqiu Zhang, Jian Liu*, Xinjian Chen **, Remote Tactile Sensing with A Droplet-Based Wearable Electronic Device, APL

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5. Yuhui Ma,Xinjian Chen,Weifang Zhu,Xuena Cheng,Dehui Xiang,And Fei Shi,Speckle noise reduction in optical coherence tomography images based on edge-sensitive cGAN. Biomedical Optics Express.Vol.9,No.11.2018 [PDF]

6. Lun Gong, Cheng Zhang, Luwen Duan, Xueying Du, Hanqiu Liu, Xinjian Chen*, Jian Zheng* .Non-rigid image registration using spatially region-weighted correlation ratio ang GPU-acceleration.DOI 10.1109/JBHI.2018.2836380, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics[PDF]

7. Dehui Xiang; Haihong Tian; Xiaoling Yang; Fei Shi; Weifang Zhu; Haoyu Chen; Xinjian Chen. Automatic Segmentation of Retinal Layer in OCT Images with Choroidal Neovascularization[J]. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2018:1-1.[PDF]

8. Fei Li, Kai Yu, Lichun Zhang, Kai Gao, Xinjian Chen & Xiulan Zhang. Automatic Assessment of Biometric Parameters
in Optic Nerve Head Area by "Zhongshan ONH Calculator (ZOC)" .Current eye research, 2018 .[PDF]

9. Lichun Zhang, Dehui Xiang, Chao Jin, Kai Yu, Xinjian Chen* "OIPAV: an integrated software system for ophthalmic image processing, analysis and visualization", Journal of Digital Imaging.2018 [PDF]

10. LI LI, YANG DU, DEHUI XIANG, LIANG CHEN, ZHIFENG SHI, JIE TIAN, AND XINJIAN CHEN, Prediction of the anti-glioma therapeutic effects of temozolomide through in vivo molecular imaging of MMP expression, Biomedical Optics Express.2018, pp. 3193-3203. [PDF]

Conference Papers

1. Lichun Zhang, Dehui Xiang, Chao Jin, Kai Yu, Xinjian Chen*, "OIPAV: an integrated software system for ophthalmic image processing, analysis and visualization", SPIE Medical Imaging, 2018, DOI: 10.1117/12.2292009[PDF]

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3. Lingjiao Pan, Liling Guan and Xinjian Chen. Detection and registration of vessels for longitudinal 3D retinal OCT images using SURF, SPIE Medical Imaging 2018: Image Processing.

4. Di Wu, Heming Zhao, Kai Yu, Xinjian Chen*, EyeMIAS: a cloud-based ophthalmic image reading and auxiliary diagnosis system, SPIE Medical Imaging 2018: Image Proceseeing, doi: 10.1117/12.2293598

5. Li Li, Jinzuo Ye, Yang Du, Xinjian Chen*, Jie Tian. Evalution of chemotherapeutic reponse of temozolomide in orthotopic glioma using bioluminescence tomography , SPIE Medical Imaging 2018, doi: 10.1117/12.2291898[PDF]

6.Defeng Zhang, Weifang Zhu, Heming Zhao, Fei Shi, Xinjian Chen. Automatic localization and segmentation of optical disk based on faster R-CNN and level set in fundus image, SPIE Medical Imaging 2018.

7.Ting Yao, Baoqing Nie, Xinjian Chen*, Numerical Study of Cornea Applanation by Using a Portable Force-Displacement Sensor for Intraocular Pressure Measurements, SPIE Smart Structures + Nondestructive Evaluation 2018[PDF]

8.Yibiao Rong, Yu Kai, Dehui Xiang, Weifang Zhu and Xinjian Chen, Explaining Convolutional Neural Networks for Area Estimation of Choroidal Neovascularization via Genetic Programming, Computational Pathology and Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis, 2018,pp. 210-218.

9. Hongjiu Jiang, Yuhui Ma, Weifang Zhu, Ying Fan, Yihong Hua and Xinjian Chen, cGAN-Based Lacquer Cracks Segmentation in ICGA Image, Computational Pathology and Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis, 2018,pp. 228-235.

10.Ting Yao, Zhaogen Chen, Rong Huang, Xiao Shao, Jianhua Mo, Baoqing Nie, Xinjian Chen, "A hybrid system for intraocular pressure measurements through combining a capacitive flexible force sensor and swept-source optical coherence tomography," Proc. SPIE 10816, Advanced Optical Imaging Technologies, 108161Q (5 November 2018); doi: 10.1117/12.2502636.

11. Xuewei Zha, Fei Shi,Yuhui Ma,Weifang Zhu,Xinjian Chen*,Generation of retinal OCT images with diseases based on cGAN,SPIE Medical Imaging 2019: Image Processing.

12. Xiao Shao; Xiaojun Yu; Xinjian Chen; Linbo Liu; Zhaogen Chen; Jianhua Mo. “Spectral-domain optical coherence tomography for conformal coating thickness measurement on printed circuit board”, SPIE PHOTONICS ASIA, Proc. SPIE 10819, Optical Metrology and Inspection for Industrial Applications V, 108191U (8 November 2018); doi:10.1117/12.2502193

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14. Xuena Cheng 1,# , Xinjian Chen 1,3,# , Yuhui Ma 1 , Weifang Zhu 1 , Ying Fan 2 , Fei Shi 1,*.Choroid segmentation in OCT images based on improved U-net,SPIE Medical Imaging 2019:Image Proceseeing.

15. Shuanglang Feng 1# , Weifang Zhu 1,2,3# , Heming Zhao, Fei Shi1,2,3 , Dehui Xiang, Xinjian Chen 1,3*.VinceptionC3D: A 3D convolutional neural network for retinal OCT image classification ,SPIE Medical Imaging 2019:Image Proceseeing.


1. 一种基于条件生成对抗网络的OCT成像中散斑去噪的方法,201811042548.7,已授权,陈新建,石霏,马煜辉,朱伟芳

2. 三维视网膜oct图像的血管检测和配准方法、设备及应用,一通回案实审,201810072546.6,2018,陈新建,潘玲佼,管丽玲

3. 一种基于改进Faster R-CNN的黄斑定位方法,已授权,201811080814.5,陈新建,黄旭东,朱伟芳

4. 一种疾病视网膜光学相干断层影像仿真生成方法,201811500608.5,等待实审提案,陈新建,查雪玮,石霏,朱伟芳

5. 一种基于条件生成式对抗网络在ICGA图像上分割漆裂纹的方法,201810916316.3,中通回案实审,陈新建,樊莹,江弘九,华怡红

6. 一种基于改进的U-net网络的OCT图像脉络膜分割方法,201811240108.2,已授权,陈新建,石霏,成雪娜,朱伟芳

7. 一种基于三维卷积神经网络的视网膜OCT图像分类方法,201811516615.4,等待实审提案,陈新建,冯爽朗,朱伟芳,赵鹤鸣

8. 一种基于有限元分析模型的便携式眼压计及其眼压测量方法,201810434841.1,一通出案待答复,陈新建、姚婷、聂宝清

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