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Journal Papers

1. Xinjian Chen, Ronald M. Summers and Jianhua Yao, Kidney Tumor Growth Prediction by Coupling Reaction-Diffusion and Biomechanical Model, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 60, No.1, pp.169-173, Jan, 2013. [PDF]

2. Xinjian Chen, Ping Hou, Chao Jin, Weifang Zhu, Xiaohong Luo, Fei Shi, Milan Sonka and Haoyu Chen, Quantitative analysis of retinal layers' optical intensities on 3D optical coherence tomography, IOVS, vol. 54, No. 10, pp. 6846-6851,Oct, 2013. [PDF]

3. Xinjian Chen, Jayaram K. Udupa, Drew Torigian and Abass Alavi, GC-ASM: Synergistic Integration of Graph-Cut and Active Shape Model Strategies for Image Segmentation, Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Vol.117, No.5, pp. 513–524, May, 2013.[PDF]

4. Weifang Zhu, Heming Zhao , Dehui Xiang ,Xinjian Chen*, A Flattest Constrained Envelope Approach for Empirical Mode Decomposition.PLoS ONE 8(4): e61739. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0061739. [PDF]

5. Ulas  Bagci,  Jianhua  Yao,  Kirsten  Miller-Jaster,  Xinjian  Chen,  Daniel J.  Mollura, Predicting Future Morphological Changes of Lesions from Radiotracer Uptake in 18F-FDG-PET Images,  PLoS ONE, 2013,  8(2):e57105.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0057105. [PDF]

6. Ulas Bagci, Jayaram K.Udupa,Neil Mendhiratta,Brent Foster,Ziyue Xu,Jianhua Yao, Xinjian Chen,Daniel J.Mollura: Joint segmentation of anatomical and functional images: Applications in quantification of lesions from PET, PET-CT, MRI-PET, and MRI-PET-CT images.Medical Image Analysis(8): pp.929-945, 2013. [PDF]

Conference Papers

1. Xinjian Chen, Ping Hou, Chao Jin, Weifang Zhu, Fei Shi, Haoyu Chen, Statistical correlation analysis between the retinal layer intensity ratios, the quality of the image, and the subject age based on 3D OCT Images, ARVO 2013, Paper 5510.

2.Dehui Xiang, Xinjian Chen* and Chao Jin, Fast renal cortex localization by combining generalized Hough transform and  active appearance models, the 5th MICCAI Workshop on Abdominal Imaging: Computational and Clinical Applications, Vol. 8198, pp. 175-183 , 2013.

3. Xiayu Xu, Li Zhang, Kyungmoo Lee, Andreas Wahle, Xinjian Chen, Xiaodong Wu, Michael D. Abramoff, Milan Sonka, Automated choroidal neovascularization associated abnormality detection and quantitative analysis from clinical SD-OCT, ARVO 2013, Paper 5510.


1. 一种基于K近邻的视网膜内节/外节缺失自动检测方法,0130669758.X , 已授权, 陈新建,朱伟芳,王莉芸,陈浩宇.

Address :333 Ganjiang East Road, Gusu District, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 
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