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Selected Group Activity Photoes


The Spring Tour at Baimajian in Suzhou, April, 2016


The Spring Tour at Yangcheng Lake Ecological Park in Suzhou, April, 2015


The 2nd International Workshop on Medical Imaging at Suzhou was successfully held by MIPAV lab. And some conferees were visiting a famous scene, named Mingyuewan, Octor, 2014


The members of the MIPAV Lab participate in the Eleventh IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging held in Beijing ,May, 2014


A picnic at a ecological garden in Suzhou, November, 2013


A tour at Anji in Zhejiang ,June, 2013


A hiking to the Shangfang mountain, November, 2012
A visit to The Humble Administrator`s Garden with the professor Milan Sonka, October, 2012


MIPAV student participate international academic exchange activity


Ph.D Min Sun participated in the 2017 SPIE Medical Image conference held in Florida,AMERICAN


MS KaiYu and Shuxia Zhu participated in the 2016 SPIE Medical Image conference held in California,AMERICAN



Ph.D Enting Gao had participated in the IEEE conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention



MS Zhuli Sun participated in the 2015 SPIE Medical Image conference held in ORLANDO, FLORIDA ,AMERICAN